Methodology follows a stringent technical evaluation process whereby a prospective candidate has to go through 6 screening evaluations before selection.

Evaluation & Screening Process

Through our ESP, an intense screening and identification process of the candidates is carried out.
We offer candidates a platform for selecting their career goals and assessing their capabilities for particular assignments. Through a series of evaluation processes, we observe their interpersonal and communication skills, approach and mind set, management capabilities etc.

Personality Enhancement Workshop

A training and consultancy workshop is a unique program of its kind. We have named it "Personality Enhancement" because during its course we encourage individuals to connect with themselves and focus inwards on their dormant strengths and capabilities.

At personal sessions we analyze needs, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, performance and motivation levels to groom them into future executives/managers.

In this way we not only place those individuals most suited for particular assignments, but also ensure that they adapt to the environment quickly and thereby work effectively and harmoniously.